Holiday UTV/Golf Cart Parade

Join us for our 1st Annual Holiday UTV/Golf Cart Parade!  Deck the halls, the bumpers, and whatever else of your UTVs and Golf Carts with your holiday best and help us spread Holiday cheer! TIME: Line up/staging/decorating will be from 3:45 to 4:30 (need to be ready to pull out at 4:30 sharp!) Parade starts at 4:30! PLACE: Staging/line up at Grace Family Fellowship (125 N. Armstrong) DATE: Saturday, December 7, 2019 RULES:

Open to decorated Golf Carts & UTVs
Every Passenger must be seated, NO passenger ‘overloads’
Carts and UTVs may pull trailers
Decorations must be appropriate for a family event, nothing offensive
No speeding, wheelies, burn-outs, circles, straight line driving only
All UTVs/Golf Carts must have headlights and taillights
Drivers must possess current and valid driver’s license
No pushing anything
UTVs must be licensed with the City to be driven to staging.  All others, including golf carts must be trailered to event. Parade Coordinator reserves the right to disqualify any entry    
Holiday UTV parade